Black Ink Group, LLC announced the launch of the BlackCoin Mobile Application as part of the BlackCoin Campaign, an effort to track and incentivize day-to-day spending with Black-owned businesses. The Mobile App, available on the AppStore and the Google Play Store, will allow the Black Ink Group and its partners to aggregate spending data documented through the receipts scanned or uploaded into the BlackCoin App. Spending data collected through the BlackCoin Campaign will help craft a more effective narrative around the economic impact of spending with Black-owned businesses.

“As strategic business partners, we’ve determined that our niche is looking at ways to define value in the Black experience,” said Andre Garner, Managing Partner with Black Ink Group, LLC. “In developing the BlackCoin Campaign and the accompanying mobile app, we intend to collect measurable data that speaks directly to the impact of conscious spending on Black businesses. Hopefully, this effort will have a positive impact on the growth of those businesses and a catalytic effect on aspiring entrepreneurs as well as corporate decision-makers in marketing products, services and opportunities to Black buyers.”

The BlackCoin mobile app allows users to::
     A) Scan, store and total receipts of expenditures made with Black-owned businesses
     B) Access a robust database of Black-owned businesses throughout the U.S. and internationally
     C) Register their own businesses for a complimentary listing with the BlackCoin database
     D) Access special offers, coupons and discounts tailored to Black Coin subscribers

Black Ink Group has partnered with tech integration firm ThinkBox312 to design the technological architecture for the BlackCoin mobile app and web site. Black business marketer and database provider provides the businesses directory integrated with the mobile app and website. has also partnered with the Black Ink Group and other Black businesses and proponents on a planned Black Business Crawl to highlight Black-owned businesses throughout the Chicago area during each weekend in August which is National Black Business Month. The Crawl’s organizers have asked supporters to document and track their purchases with Black businesses using the BlackCoin App during the month of August and beyond. For more information on the Crawl, visit

The Black Ink Group, is working with local, regional, national and international organizations (fraternities, sororities, churches, lodges, civil rights organizations, chambers of commerce, etc.) to develop co-branded iterations of the BlackCoin Mobile Application for their members and the opportunity to segregate the spending impact of each organization on Black-owned businesses.